Professional photographer, digital content creator

Welcome to BK Photography, the lead company offering professional photoservices and phototours for tourists and holiday makers in the heart of Cyprus, Ayia Napa!

 "Photography is my passion, I am constantly hunting the unrepeatable moments, I love to capture the enchanting landscapes, to find a photo theme that best suits the human body. I'm looking for uniqueness in everything and I hope that this feeling is reflected in my pictures as well. As an experienced photographer specialized for taking Portrait and Holiday photos I will take professional photos and bring out the best of you that lives inside you waiting to break out!"

BK Photography is a company that operates in different photography sectors from portrait til touristic photography  offering two types of services: on one hand holiday phototours for tourists/travellers/holiday makers in Ayia Napa, Cyprus on the other hand for guests of many hotels in Ayia Napa, Cyprus to capture their vacation moments, whether it's sunset photography or a few snapshots around the pool.

We focus on providing high-quality photo services to provide guests with the best and most memorable experience possible. That's why we place great emphasis on making photography a unique experience, focusing solely on the needs of the guest, something that sets us apart from other companies.