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Have you ever dreamed of having amazing photo session in a fascinating gorgeous environment in which only you and the nature unit? This photo tour is aimed at having this feeling! You can feel as a star on the most famous beach of Ayia Napa! 

The surroundings offer several hidden places to take beautiful photos be it the small island in the middle of the beach or some sandy rocks, the turquoiz water ensure amazing prospectives for perfect settings! This is the perfect place for those people who want to capture their holiday with their beloved ones, friends or family members or even alone. Just imagine the perfect seaview sunset from the cliffs, it is unforgettable!

What places do we visit? 

> Hidden Path to Nissi Beach 

To approach the beach, we are going to pass from a paved road surrounded by palm trees which allows magical unit to take nice photos, moreover the sea is immediately next to the road offering more options for shooting.

> Nissi Beach Resort

The resort has a lot of imposing places be it a rocky or sandy part. Arriving to Nissi we are jumping immediately to this area where you can also enjoy the beautiful leander flower garden with seaview background.

> Nissi Blue Beach Resort

This place is occasionally visited by couples for having wedding ceremonies and it is not accident! Small tents, chapel, palm trees, everything is meant for perfect photo sessions!

And of course you have the unique opportunity as well to visit the hotel area and get some nice  photos around the pool!

> Wyspa Ayia Napa

The small island in the middle of the beach is one of the most popular tourist attractions, this is the main reason because of that most of the people want to visit Nissi beach. And they are right! You can see the other side of the beach from here and get total different perspective in form of a photo!

> Viewpoint of Nissi Beach

How else to finish the photo tour than taking some sunset photo on the top of Nissi from where you can see the whole beach area and the endless sea? Beautiful plants, modern and traditional mixture of architectural, buildings, romantic moments generate the perfect result.

Prices and discounts: 

The full photographer package is now only 89 € / person, which includes 1.5 hours of availability and photography, image editing-retouching, 40 image transfer within 24 hours!

15% for 2 people Couple discount: 76 € / person

25% discount for 3 people: 67 € / person

A small group of max. Up to 4 people, in this case 35% discount: 58 € / person

Participation is free for children aged 0-3!